Front Torsion bar homemade alternatives?

Has anyone had success with custom front torsion bars?

Any front torsion bar alternatives that can be custom cut? Aluminum, PVC/Nylon tubing? Has anybody had success with any “home remedies”? Any materials work better than others?

At a Pro Tour race in about 2011, we were struggling particularly with front grip. My dad pulled the KartLift off the wall, sawed a width of the tubing out of the kart stand, and we stuck that in the front end of the kart. He had noticed the tubing on the stand was the same diameter, but much thicker and stiffer than the stock bar, so we ended up with a really stiff front end.

Not an ideal situation, but times were desperate.

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I bought my energy kart from a mill wright and he made a custom front bar out of what looks like a hard plastic. he told me it was a medium stiffness, but it works and is worth trying out if you have some laying around.