Front width x Camber

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Does the front track width influence the camber (position of the tire against the ground) in the apex of the corner as the caster does due to the rate of lift?
If yes, can we say that the grater the front track width the greater the camber in the apex of the corner?
If we have a neutral camber in straights, it will become positive in the corner due to caster and also front track width?
If we have negative camber in straights, it can become neutral in the corner apex depending on the caster and front track width?
Great caster combined with great front track width are able to convert a negative camber in straights to a positive camber in the corner apex?

The effect of more front width is similar to caster, though caster is a more powerful adjustment.

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Though if I am picturing it correctly in my head… increasing front track width does not change camber angle mid-corner.


@tjkoyen let me try to explain my chain of thought.
I imagine that, when we increase the front track width, it consequently will increase the length of the lever that rises the C-section of the inner side. With a greater lever length, I believe the angle between the ground and the kart frame is bigger in the corner apex. As the outer wheel follows the slope of the frame, the greater the lever length, the higher the inner C-section, and the higher the inner C-section, the great the angle between the outer wheel and the ground (making camber positive).
Makes sense?