Fuel advice needed for tomorrow!

Hi everyone, thanks for all responses in the past, my kart and engine are working and in good condition and I have my first practice tomorrow! I run a tkm bt82 115cc direct drive. With this being said, how much fuel do I need for the day, I currently have 2 Litres in the tank and 4 in the jerry can. Was thinking of filling it up with a bit more before tomorrow. If someone could give me advice on how much I need or how much to put in for 30 min to an hour sessions, or how much fuel it burns per hour that would be great. Thanks !

Harry, they sold it in 5 gal jugs when I was racing. I’d buy the 5gal and put it in one of those large plastic fuel tanks with oil. It seemed to keep fine despite being a few weeks since opened.

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Hiya, thanks for the response, I have a 20L metal jerry can and some oil jugs, but unfortunately I cant transport more than this. I am looking to transport the minimum required for the day, do you know what this might be? Thanks again

Minimum, I don’t know. I recall that 5gal a woukdnlast Nick and I a practice day, the race day, and a little left over. 2 x30 for weekend.