Fuel FlowThru Carbs. No Such Thing as Pull

I’m amused when anybody is talking about how carbs work when they say this or that gets pulled. A vacuum has no power to pull anything. Everything gets pushed by the pressure differential of the outside air pressure and the lack of pressure in some other part of the carb. Now this might seem like a minor point, but I don’t think it is. Getting pushed, versus pulling, makes a whole lot of difference when you’re trying to understand how a carburetor works.
Take the Venture; when air gets pushed through the throat of the carburetor, and it encounters the Venturi, the air speed increases, but the pressure drops. Because of this pressure drop, the outside air pressure can push fuel into the airstream. That’s how it works. No pull, only push.

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you can do the math either way, you’ll get a negative coefficient if you do it backwards - it’s just a force created by a differential pressure acting over a surface area.