Fuel for LO 206

In my experience, “non-ethanol” does not always equal completely “clear gas”. I’ve seen quite a bit of variation from station to station in color. Most has a light green sheen to it so it makes me question if it’s truly 100% ethanol free. My hunch is that if it’s not from its own dedicated pump, there may be some regular gas left in the line. As best practice, I always drain my carb after a track day to be safe.

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The last race I went out and had no pace at all, data from my Alfaro seems to indicate that the drop off was all over the lap. I had no handling issues and later put the chassis on a table - it is straight. During the race and test day (day before) I was way off the pace (nearly two seconds on a 50 second lap). I thought it might be carb or engine related, but I switched to a backup motor and did not improve. I had an engine builder look at both at the track, we couldn’t tell anything was off. Carbs looked okay. I had another engine builder look at the second motor afterwards, he couldn’t find anything obvious - the idle jet was a bit clogged.

I was hitting redline around where I normally do, the engines did not feel that bad, apart from an inconsistent idle. A few of my buddies said I looked slow off the corners… Could it be that the fuel I was using had just gone bad? It is non-ethanol that I have had since July 15th or so. That would explain at least why the pace was bad on both engines.

Follow the 206 rule book, its all 87 pump gas.

Most engine builders (in my limited research) determined the 206 runs best on 87 octane fuel. Personally I run non-ethanol, but I’m also (continiuosly) suprised how gummed up my carb gets (even using non-ethanol) after sitting a month or so. :100: