Fuel for LO 206


(David Cooke Sr) #1

Had my LO 206 a couple of months and Initially we bought LP 110 Racing Fuel, can we use any other Fuel? but if we do will it affect performance.

(Joseph Costanza) #2

Our club requires 87 pump :man_shrugging:t4:

(Bryan Williams ) #3

I’ve been told the lower the octane (within reason) is better. Since the the 206 having such a low compression, running a high octane fuel is a waste and may make less power than the cheap stuff at chevron. The absolute best though would be any ethanol free gas. For the sake of the carb.

(James McMahon) #4

Essentially it will “run” on anything. Including 87. But, like others said, avoid ethanol and other forms of oxygenates.

You can find non-oxy pump gas near you at pure-gas.org

They have a mobile app too.

(Steve Pribyl) #5

Briggs recommends 87 pump gas with out ethanol.