Fuel Line length and type

Buying a fuel line and filter. I can’t find how long i need the fuel line and if I need to buy an extra length for cutting. And do I have to buy OTK fuel lines or can they be any generic karting fuel line?

Also it is an OTK kart for a KA100

I’ve typically just bought 6ft at a time and I usually get left with a foot or so on my 206 4 stroke…cheap enough that I don’t worry about having a little extra. OTK fuel line seems to be of “better” quality. For example, I got some blue fuel line from Comet a couple months ago only because I liked the color and wanted to change the yellow line that came with the kart. It was rock hard in about 2-3 weeks. I then bought clear OTK fuel line (which I was overcharged in my opinion at my local track) but it’s stayed soft and flexible since I switched.

Best fuel lines are made of tygon, motion pro in my opinion has the best (and most expensive). That’s what I use on my bikes and restorations, while on the kart I prefer freeline. Super cheap, it will yellow nad harden but I keep changing it frequently so I always have fresh new lines, I don’t bother inspecting for rubbing, hidden leaks, pinching etc…

As for length I agree with the 6 feet quote above: full size kart with no return line: about 4 feet. Add one more for catch cans etc. Add one more for safety/spare/weird routing if needed = 6 feet.


Kartech (Arrow) is the best if you aren’t using Aspen. If you are, then you need AC Delco 1/4" fuel hose because it’s opaque.

5 feet will be more than enough for a TonyKart/KA100


Fuel line is a consumable like spark plugs and brake pads. I like to have enough on hand to redo our 2 karts when needed. I buy in bulk from Amazon. I agree with another poster that said Tygon but is expensive, but it also stays soft and flexible.

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