Fuel Pump Issue

How do you tell if a fuel pump is bad? Mine seems to work just fine, except I do see some fuel weeping and cant tell where it is coming from.
It did have silicone over the vent as it came from the engine seller.

I am going to order a new one, as I have a feeling it ain’t gonna get better. Not a big fan of a gasoline fire just off my right elbow.

Under normal circumstances it shouldn’t weep fuel. A little oil from the pulse side, sure. But fuel should live in there only. Consider replacing the fuel lines if it persists after replacing the pump.

I can’t find where it is coming from which tells me don’t worry about it, just replace it.

I have never had oil even show in the pulse line. Have heard it can be a problem though.

I replace the fuel lines when they start to harden. Once a year at least. It is a bit of a weird concept of fuel ruining fuel system components in a short time. I have also come to having every fuel line wired or clipped at the connection for a bit of added safety. Clips are a bit more convenient.

I have also come to not relying on the kart shop to have the spares when I need them. One is none and two is one, when it comes to parts leaving you dead in the water.

If this is a Briggs fuel pump, my guess if it is leaking is that it got warped or has a minute crack along the plastic ‘welds’ between the various pieces. This could cause it to weep, and I have seen this happen before.

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Your explanation makes sense as to why it works yet leaks.