Fuel Spilling

I got a new tank recently and for some reason these valves detach themselves mid ride and spill fuel all over my legs.

Tried gaffer tape but that doesn’t seem to solve the issue as the fuel simply eats away the adhesive.

Would plumbers Teflon tape do the trick?

Do you have Oring seals on the tank for those joints?

You could try the yellow tape used for natural gas joints, might be a better fit chemically.

Yes the o rings are inside. It’s like the mold for the screw on caps hasn’t been made properly.

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That seems kinda odd… but this is the stuff to use, it’s the only thing I have found that stands up to gas. A gob of this, then screw on your fitting and it should seal up and stay put. You’re on your own for disassembly though…

Lots of times taller drivers bump them with their knees and over time they get loose or sloppy or bent over. Cleaning them well, then wrapping both fittings with electrical tape so they are stuck together, and then a small piece of foam attached to the outside will keep your knee from really damaging them.

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Try wrapping several tight wraps of electrical tape around both of them. It should stretch into the knurled fittings and as one tries to loosen it will tighten the other.


I have also used electrical tape like the plumbers teflon tape on plastic on plastic junctions.

I started running zip ties around both.

Are the caps unscrewing from the tank or are the fuel lines coming off the nipple ends?

If its the caps unscrewing, you could try a tape that can conform to the threads as suggested above. Something thin would be ideal and you make up for the lack of thickness with several wraps around the threads.

If its the lines are coming off, you could try a zip-tie or safety wire to squeeze the barbs on the nipple.

actually the zip tie is a great idea.