Fuel Tank level indicator

Is there a hidden fuel level indicator on the fuel tanks? It would be nice to have something like some lines in 500ml increments.

Not everyone drains tanks after each session, and would be easier than just eyeballing it.

Often people will use marker pens

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When I got a new tank I filled it with water in 0.5L increments and marked this on the side of the tank. I then put some clear shipping tape over the markings to prevent them from rubbing off.

Its actually easier to do it by weight, which is typically whats important to us anyway.

You can do that either by marking the tank where it was at the end of the session (if its where you want it to be) or by taking the tank off the kart, putting it on a scale and putting fuel in it and marking it at different weights as you fill it up.

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I think it’s ridiculous that they don’t have any indicators from the factory

On my Birel I just bought it has a sticker on it with both the quantity of fuel and a pretty close estimate on the weight. I’ll try and get a picture later.


Here is the decal. I haven’t had a chance to see how accurate it is

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I have a 5 at aluminum tank with a fuel hose between the top and bottom that shows me on the fly fuel levels! Pretty Nifty!

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