Fuel tester

Looking for a fuel tester or quick testing procedure that won’t break the bank. I see Digatron has one but it’s like 700$. It would be for a local club and something to try and help keep people honest. I know nothing of fuel testing so something simple would be best. And be able to compare it to known good/spec fuel. Would be like a Sunoco 110 or something.


@Bryan34w if you’re preparing for tech inspection for a kart club, assuming they’ll be around for a while, you may want to consider the Digatron as a longer term investment. I don’t believe it’s the only one on the market, but ever time I’ve seen fuel tested (and I’ve been to quite a few races), it was with a digatron probe.

I do know there are specific gravity testing kits for fuel that are also used, but this test isn’t as common, and is considerably more time consuming.

Looking at the digatron website briefly it looks like they are offering “factory reconditioned” probes and tools. Perhaps this is a way to get one at a cheaper price?

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Fuel is a massive problem in karting, if your club isn’t doing specific gravity and 30/30/30 then I can guarantee you many people are not playing by the rules.

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