Full Road Course (Enduro) Kart Racing in 2018

(2019 dates are a work in progress and can be found HERE )

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What is Road Racing, or Road Race (Enduro) Karting?

In short, it’s kart racing on full size road courses. It offers an opportunity to race your kart at historic tracks that you’ve heard of like Mid Ohio, Infineon, Summit Point, VIR and so on.

Randy Fulks at Mid Ohio 2017, Photo by Christian Marsh.

What makes racing especially unique is that it offers a variety of karts not seen anywhere else including incredible 250cc Superkarts and enduro laydowns like the one pictured above.

Read some articles about road racing on Jalopnik here

Where can I buy an enduro\laydown kart

Probably the best place to find a used enduro kart right now is in the “enduro go kart racing” facebook group.

Where can I do it?

Here’s a map of events in 2018, a link to a lots of dates is below it.

Click here for list of races in 2018 (Work in Progress)

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2018 Road Race (Enduro) Kart Races

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I’ve added CES dates… Looking for others to help out with the rest :smiley:



9-11 [WKA] Roebling Road Raceway @ Bloomingdale, GA

4-6 [WKA] Atlanta Motorsports Park @ Dawsonville, GA
12-13 CES @ Gateway Motorsports Park, IL
12 [IKF\PKA] Cup Road Race #1 @ ORP Grass Valley, OR
19-20 [AKRA] Michigan Kart Club @ MIS, Brooklyn, Michigan

1-2 [IKF\PKA] Gold Cup Road Race #2 @ The Ridge Motorsports Park
1-3 [WKA] Summit Point Motorsports Park @ Summit Point, WV
2-3 CES @ Blackhawk Farms Raceway, IL
15-16 [IKF\PKA] Gold Cup Road Race #3 @ Pacific Raceways, Kent, WA
15-17 CES and DKC @ Mid Ohio (Hosted by Dart Kart Club)

13-15 [CES & DART] @ Grattan, hosted by CES.
20-22 [WKA] Virginia International Raceway @ Alton, VA
29 [IKF] Gold Cup Road Race #4 @ Spokane County Raceway

10-12 [WKA] Heartland Park Topeka Raceway @ Topeka, KS
11-12 CES @ Blackhawk Farms Raceway, IL
25-26 [AKRA] Michigan Kart Club @ MIS, Brooklyn, Michigan
27 [IKF\PKA] Gold Cup Road Race #5 @ Thunder Hill , CA

8-9 CES @ Gingerman Raceway, MI

6 [IKF\PKA] Gold Cup Road Race #6 @ Pacific Raceways, Kent, WA
20-21 [SKC] Fall Regional Roebling Road Raceway @ Bloomingdale, GA

9-11 [WKA] NCM Motorsports Park @ Bowling Green, KY

26-29? [WKA] Daytona International Speedway @ Daytona, FL

2018 MIS_Ad_01NO17d

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Some articles on Road Racing:

Links to Enduro/Road Race Resources.

Enduro Go-Kart racing FaceBook group (includes classifieds)

links to Road Racing Club/Organizations and Series


Here’s a decent edit by Jeremy Baldi at Mid Ohio 2017


The only thing I have to add here is get the Juniors out to these races. Bring the sprint kart and put a tall gear on it. The best way to build a senior class is to build a Junior class.

May of the classes start at 12 years but there are sportsman classes available too.

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