Fullerton karts? Any good?

Hi guys, a friend of mine is selling a kart. Im tempted. Apparently its a 2018 chassis but he doesnt know for sure and its got loads of freeline parts on it. Are fullerton a decent make? Im a hobby driver so no racing, yet. Are freeline decent parts?
Thanks guys.

Yes and yes. They are made by BirelART, hence the freeline parts :+1:

Thanks :+1: im struggling to really find any good information about the karts.

The kart in question.

Kinda related, but also kinda divergence… (Terry) Fullerton has a rich history in karting. In the 90’s the Tiger and Puma chassis of his design were pretty successful. I think they won at least one world championship. Indeed Terry was world champion himself…

Anyway, back to the topic…


Kart looks pretty nice! If it’s a good deal and you got some local support I’d say jump on it

Yeah it’s pretty, in good shape (frame protectors used). Like the livery, too.

definitely would make sure that isn’t scratched under the protectors. They seem to be super fresh on the side rails. But dirt is underneath the front one?

My protectors are scratched on front and sides

Looks like a very light detour on dirt…there is no significant rash anywhere, underside is about as good as it can be, steering wheel has no signs of wear, bottom of the seat has very light marks…I do more damage than that in one session…for what I can see from the pics, looks like it’s in great shape!

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Yea it seems alright, looks fairly tidy. Ill be having a good look Sunday. Will come with a rotax max pre evo. I was more interested in the chassis. I was reading something about these fullertons have 28mm tubing instead of 30? Apparently they flex alot? I cant find any information to help me. The frame is 4 years newer than my current otk kart and looks much tidier. The livery is kinda cool as well.

Fullerton karts enjoyed a good resurgence a few years ago and had good karts made by BirelART, so very good quality components. As long as it’s straight and true, should be a great kart.

Can you get a pic of the chassis tag on the rail behind the seat? That’ll tell you the model and then what tubing it is.

They ran these in X30/Rotax and stuff like that with lots of success.

TF2 = 30mm
TF3 = 28mm

I will get a picture of the plate as long as its still there. Is 28mm bad for a rotax max senior? I kind of want it because its a fullerton and i have never seen one before. Not sure if rare is the word but unique for sure. I have only driven my ropey old tony kart so i have no idea what to expect.

Definitely should be fine! kart looks nice, made by Birel so I’d imagine that it’s just a different colored version. Looks pretty identical to their karts. Like TJ said as long as it’s straight should be a solid kart

As far as I know 28mm is for low hp engines or maybe 100cc because if you race with a 125cc or high hp engine the chassis will become more unpredictable to set up. I think @tjkoyen knows more about this

Weren’t a bunch of tag frames 28 not long ago?

The Fullerton karts were awesome.

I actually have the rest of the Fullerton Kart USA inventory in my garage - feel free to reach out to me if you need help with anything

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This is the plate, 30mm tubing makes me feel better about buying it. Think ill buy it tbh, looks cool, looks tidy, price is quite reasonable too. Thanks man i appreciate it, thanks for all your help guys! Appreciated as always.

If anyone can help me out with reading the plate that would be helpful. Google isnt helping at all.