Fun fact about my racing

I was talking to my dad yesterday about how i was worried to scrach the chassis and send it flying over cerbs. So he said to me that that i need to puch the kart over the kerb and scarch it and ram it untill it bends and we will get a new one​:rofl::cry: so i did that and i improved 0.30 sec on my laptimes. And the chassis frame was changed this season…

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Coach: You gotta float over them kerbs boy
Me: Hold my electrolytes :joy:

Kerb Smash is Fun! (But can be hard on the old rib cage).

I would go through a lot of frame protectors. Also, bear in mind that most of the time the outside is loaded up and the inside, as Richard said, floats. The more straight on the attack angle, the harder the shock/scrape.

If it doesn’t crimp your racing budget, definitely explore the potential of taking kerb. Some are very helpful, others, not as receptive. Usually the rubber on the track will tell the tale.

Do it often enough & you might even experience a wheel bolt shear failure or 2. I seen it.

This is why we put stainless steel guards on our chassis…


Let this be a warning to anyone that see a classified ad by Mike LOL


And i dont run protectors. Dont bother🤣 i would say we have a pretty high budget on karting. And im really greatfull. And my dad as a former car racer he understands the costs. As the cars where mutch more expensive

What?? Can i make classifies ads :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

This my front bumper

My front frame

Can i have the lead weights like this or no if i want to race eu and other cups

And a little trick of mine to not get front fairing on testing

Off course not for race. Its illegal

I still would run a frame protector. Frame wear will catch you off guard. Even if you have the money for a new frame whenever you need one, they could wear through or break at inopportune times like during a raceday. Run the frame protectors and you reduce the likelihood of that happening when maybe you can’t get a replacement chassis for the rest of the day or something.

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For sale, 1/2 season old kart only used in masters class club races… NOT

I wonder if the disposable chassis is a primarily euro thing… do the uspks and skusa folks change chassis often, too?

Yeah thay change pretty often. In lets say sweden cup. You buy a new chassi 2022 run the weekend and then sell or use as a testing chassi👍

I recommend painting your weights white and writing your number on them…

Why. Is that . A thing.

So they know whom to give the black flag to when a weight falls off during the race! The white paint is so that the other drivers can see a fallen weight on track.

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Stateside it’s a thing. Europeland not really, I’ve never seen it done.

ohh good to know. but never heard of it. no one in the swedish championchip does it or at my track : /

White paint is for visibility if it falls off. Can’t see gray stuff on pavement well.

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