G-Force Sensor

Hello to all, im new on this forum and i have seen amazing pieces of information that helps understanding the data that Alfano/mychron provides

i wanted to learn and know more about this sensor so if anyone has documentation or links that provide insights on how to understand the G-force sensor i would appreciate, i have read on other posts that gforce sensor can help you identify when you have understeer or oversteer so this caught my attention since i have an alfano with box12 that includes a gforce sensor

thanks for your time to read this thread :slight_smile:

Its basically an accelerometer. It measures changes in lateral, longitudinal and (sometimes) vertical loads. In the older Mychron units, it was built into the GPS05 sensor. Not sure on the Alfano unit.

thanks for the reply and the info

the alfano 6 (newest model) includes the g force sensor on the BOX4 and BOX12 peripherals so its not integrated with the unit