G&J Kartway Repave

Haven’t decided our plans for next year yet, but I’d like to come out maybe if it’s just for practice. The hurdle for a race is buying Hoosiers and trying to run 2 races on them to feel like we got the money out of them. Of course that goes double when buying for my son as well.

I’m still really happy to see the track get a refresh and hope the club will benefit as well. Lots of great people over there. The KA masters class has been really strong.

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Honestly, that’s the only bad part about G&J… Being the only Hoosier track in a sea of MG tracks and series… :disappointed_relieved:

I agree. Who would have thought that an Ohio track would be the only one left on Hoosiers… There was a rumor last year that they were looking at other tire options. Did anything ever come of that?

I heard that the money was good enough to stick with Hoosier for another couple years…

From a club standpoint, I can completely understand, but man it would have been nice to have every track within 2 hours of me (4 total… WRP, NCMP, MCC, OVKA) all on the same tire.


Wilmington is on Hoosier 60B I think as well. There is talk of 206 going to R70 next season which seemed to be way better in KA. I would rather be on MG Red myself way less rubber thrown off tires compared to hoosier which just shreads rubber everywhere. Tires are always got crazy pickup as a result.

Yeah, understandable. Like I said, my opinion is totally selfish view. I’ll be there at Race 1 with whatever rubber is needed.


We’ll be bringing the whole crew, too.

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Our KA masters ran on Hoosier R70s this year. Many of them claimed they didn’t lose pace, even after 3-5 races.

OVKA will be doing a Structured Practice Day for the grand re-opening of the repaved track in March.
I’m hoping we can luck into some decent weather.


Probably will be the first track open in the spring. Hopefully pull a good crowd of people.

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Track Opening postponed until the end of March; after some scheduling and weather delays, we’re finally moving on adding modern curbing to the entire track.


Great to see. Excited to try out the track for the CKNA opener.

We got our first look at the new surface today:


Nice layout! Seems like a nice, technical drive. Love the long radius stuff.

Im in love with how smooth it is! Thats so awesome. Cant wait to check it out in person.

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We’re starting to get some more uploads from people from the weekend showing how smooth it is after it cleaned up a bit. My video was literally from the first laps ever turned on the new surface so there was still plenty of dirt from the construction equipment and track vehicles out there.


My own personal onboards from the weekend:

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I happen to be in town and spend some hours over there watching, thanks for hosting. It was defiantly overdue and it turned out fanatic so far!

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The full facility curbs are done now and they smoothed out a lot of the temporary earthwork this week. Just need some grass seed and paint to finish it off.