G&J Kartway Repave

The major asphalt work should finish this week.


Woah, that looks like such an awesome track! There are so many layouts possible with this!

Fresh powder. First up the lift, I hope.

G&J is badass definitely will have to go back after the paving is done


Nah we gotta let it sit for a couple months to let it cure :pensive:

Nine main ones we use regularly


This is impressive! Can you also run each one in either direction?

We’ve done some reverse (clockwise) running in the past, but the track races better in its intended (counterclockwise) direction

Whats the word on the curbing? Are those getting replaced or are we sticking with the turtles?
Either way, I’m super stoked to race on this!!

I think it will be interesting to see how people handle the track without the grippy patches like before.

BKC before it got ruined. I was at that race! Such a small world.

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Yeah that was a fun one

I’m thinking turtles in some places. Definitely in places like turn 2, bus stop, and the kink.

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My understanding is that there will be curbing, and it will not be turtles.

Great to see G&J get a freshening, it’s needed it for some time.


Yeah, the racing lines in Turn 1 and old Turn 3 are going to be much different without the dark patches with their seemingly infinite grip…

The club is working with Gary on the curb solution right now and needs to wait for the new asphalt to cure first.

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Was out there yesterday working on the Racing4Vets trailer and got to see the new track surface. I think it’s gonna be awesome. Are they planning on bringing the grass side up to meet the asphalt? There is quite a drop from the asphalt to the grass. That could damage alot of carts if they go off track.

Most repaves are that way. Usually they will fill the sides but it’s usually pretty dusty for the first couple months.

Yeah there’s a bit of finishing work to be done, we just need to let the surface sit for a while first undisturbed. The longer we wait, the better.


Hope to see you guys out there a time or two. At least for the champ race. We’re going to have a hell of a KA Masters class.


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