Gary Carlton is releasing his own kart - Thoughts?



I act like I know more, but I like to look at the pretty pictures. Thoughts anyone?
Kart 360 article -

–> Official Press Release <–

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I’m always a fan of the projects GFC takes on. Reading the presser about gave me a stroke for the first half regarding sentence structure though.

The graphics look lovely, interesting approach to only offer two chassis. Innovative idea to offer additional services surrounding the chassis product, I am a firm believer in that. I think if this program and venture is to succeed, that will be the area that he and his team can set themselves apart in.

The job of a producer is not done when they sell the chassis. Service, service, service, and this ground-breaking new concept in karting for service/product providers: answering their phone!

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I like the anecdote of his dad telling him after coming dead last in a race: “Gary, you did a really good job of being aware of the leaders and getting out of their way”

I am totally gonna use this line on Nick.


I do think that the way that he’s planning to run his team is cool, but nothing different to what PSL or RPG do.
Very cool for the guys under his tent. Pointless to anyone else who has a chassis that doesn’t get the local support.

Still looks pretty. I heard that it’s based off a CRG?

Yeah it looks like a CRG. CRG brake system, camber
Pills, front torsion bar behind C plates, narrow waist design.

The aesthetic/Branding is great. But I can’t help but think, with 50 or so chassis on the market, maybe Gary would have been better off just doubling down on the service side? With the addition of the chassis there’s now two things to market and support, as well as tying cash up in inventory etc.

Max respect and ballsy AF.

And/or have an online presence that answers the most common questions.

I’ve been doing the same thing trying to pick out the bits.
What i think i’ve identifed;
Front Stub - CRG but old type (they have machine flat section these days for sniper lasers)
Cas/Cam - Snipers (used on crg but also elsewhere)
Brake System - I think thats lasts year Parolin system. CRG (as far as I can remember) has never had that red removable piece.
Axle bearing carriers - I recognise them but can’t pinpoint where from.

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Giancarlo Tininni shared it on his Facebook page as well… I guess that counts?

Just found out it’s based on TB Kart I was informed
today. They have good brand presence, I’m surprised he didn’t just go with that. Perhaps there’s some details
that are different.

The aesthetic of GFCs brand is on point. But still, trying to get traction with a new chassis brand. Ballsy.
But then it’s GFC :facepunch:

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Aha thats where I recognise the axle bearing carriers from.
Good detective work!

Wonder if he needs a suit :thinking:


IMHO it looks like pretty much every other bare kart out there. What innovation is there here? Using carbon reinforced plastics or something else for less weight - or what?

Aren’t all the brands made in just a few factories anyhow and then just sprayed with whatever paint you want with whatever logos you want applied?

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Ionic and Coyote are made in shops not factories.
But excellent question.

Metric or Standard, the really important question?
What is the caster/camber setup like?
Adjustable rear ride height?
Tubing material and dimensions?
Targeted motor package?

I am all in for more chassis makers and competition but if its another run as, no thanks.

I’m sure it’s just like most brands where Gary picked components off a shelf, had a few inputs on chassis geometry, and went from there. I think his main sell is going to be his race program.

As far as I’m concerned, a kart is a kart in most cases.

You can go to Parolin right now and say “I want to make the TJ Koyen Kart”, pick out a color for the frame, choose from their bin of parts to spec on it, and have them weld up 20 or whatever.


They do often share similar hard components like brake systems, hubs, steering parts, wheels and so on, but there are (sometimes) differences in frames in either bends, tube selection or both. You can get some clues from the CIK\FIA: HomolgationSheets.pdf (62.6 KB)

The leading manufacturers (off the top of my head, and Not in any particular order)

OTK (Tony//Kart, Kosmic, Exprit and others)
Tinnini Group (CRG, DR, Kali and others)
IPK (Praga, FK and OK1).
Parolin (Parolin, formerly Benik
BirelArt (BirelArt, Ricciardo, Kubica)

A source reveals the GFC is possibly based on TBKart S197 shifter and S55 TaG.

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Honestly, I think that the name recognition will move the needle a little bit, and I think it’s cool.
But, I want to see if he’s still making chassis in five years. I hope so, but we’ll see. :slight_smile:

Is Benik making their own karts now? I was under the impression they were still Parolin’s just like Nitro and Merlin

Also to piggyback iff your list, even karts made in the same factory can still be slightly different. The DR S97 is a mixture of a couple different CRG frames, specifically the KT 1, 2, and 3. Danillo made his own modifications in a couple places but essentially tuning wise it is a red CRG. From what I’ve understood about iPK is that their frames have slight differences in front end geometry. Each brand is still essentially the same and will tune similarly, but sometimes slight changes do exist.

It’s kinda like being a karting forum member and contributing a lot… and then actually thinking… “well I’d rather have my own thing that’s more me and something I can get passionate about”


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Well yeah, except the kart chassis part would be more like “the main chassis maker has abandoned making them. There’s really no other options around so I might as well make my own now”


So what I want to know has anyone found out for sure if the kart is more like a CRG or a TB Kart.? I am looking in to getting one just depends on what chassis it is based from. Can anyone help.?