GAS TO Electric Conversion Help

Hi, I am new here, I am probably oldest Guy here, lol. I have old warehouse in Eastern Canada. Was trying to build outdoor track for Family Karting, Rentals, but pavin quotes stopped this.These are heavy concession Karts, singles weigh 400 Lbs, with removing fiberglass body, and honda, gx 270, can bring to about 250 lbs, empty. I dont need race torque or speeds. 40-45 k for indoor would be good. Any ideas or help much appreciated. This Platform is inspiring

I don’t have any specific EV conversion tips to hand… but… it might be more economical to buy a used fleet of electric karts than convert the existing one over.

What karts do you have?

Depends on what kind of a project you’re looking for.

Not what you are asking but I do know a guy who has a very nice backyard dirt oval in the Midwest that he has pals over to race on. I know that he did that on a much more modest budget and backhoe.

Thanks for your reply. My karts are mostly " Kreative Karts" were built in Ontario, Canada. When i remove bodies, They resemble race style shape. Lots of space to add batteries beside driver, either side, and motore, other gear behind