Gauging interest in kart stand kit (for those without a trailer)

Years ago I fabricated my own automatic kart stand, one that could use a trailer hitch bike rack to transport it. This was before I had a trailer, I would load my kart in the bed of my truck, stand on the back and tools and tent in the cab.

I’m contemplating making a run of 5-6 stands and hitch racks in the off-season. I’d like to get some feedback on this from the community. Is this a practical solution for some people? Pros and cons?

I’ve fabricated two stands so far, works with my own karts and my sons bambino kart. They are made from 1018 steel tubing, completely TIG welded (no metal caulk gun here) with Weldmold 880 filler wire (high strength filler wire). I am a certified TIG welder (ASME sect IX 6G cert) if that matter to anyone.

The stands are lightweight compared to the behemoths that other companies sell. I never understood why a 180lb kart requires massive stand to support it. I’ve field tested for both for over 2 years, no issues or failures. The winch operates just fine on my spare Rotax 12 volt battery.

I do plan to upgrade to larger diameter/width front wheels, any other constructive criticism is appreciated.


I would be interested for sure. My current kart stand (not sure brand) is massive and heavy.

I plan to buy a small van for karting next year. Am enclosed trailer is not feasible for me so I would put the kart and tools in the van and having this hitch mounted stand would save a lot of space and hassle.

Seems like it would have success.

I bought a similar hauler from TJ’s dad about a decade back. Simple, welded L beam with T top & hooks to hold a folding stand that hangs on the hooks, & welded loop allows hooking a bungie cord to help secure the stand.

Do you still have the plans for these stands and do you still make these?

That a freakin genius design, especially how it mounts to the back of the truck. I hope you have a utility patent bro. :100: :+1:

Yes, I still make them. I sell them locally here in the Maryland/DC/Virginia area. I haven’t even looked into what the cost of shipping one would be.