Gearbox Oil KZ

Hey Guys,

Curious to the opinon on which ATF you prefer Dexron 2 or 3 for your box, did you notice any difference between the two?

I’ve tried all sorts of stuff. None of it makes a substantial difference. For longevity, a proper gear oil is best, however ATF being lighter will have less viscous drag.

(By proper gear oil, I mean similar to a Motul Gear300, or MotylGear.)

One question I have about KZ gearbox oil is How Much?

On the Italian Motors website, their instructions are to remove the gear oil indicator screw on the side, don’t confuse with one of the crankcase screws (which I did), and fill until it starts to leak out of the hole.

I’d like a more precise measurement, the amount for a CR125 was 600 mL. I now have a TM KZ10B.

Is there an actual difference between lets say dexron 2 and 3 then?

@C.Skowron I was also looking for information on this when I first got my kz, I could’nt even find an owners manual. Something like a rotax manual would be great. Best just to measure the oil as you refill until it comes out of the hole.

300ML goes into the gearbox, but I’d just fill until it comes out of the level screw. Easy enough