Gearing as track rubbers up

Hi guys just wondering what general consensus is with gearing on a track that’s rapidly gaining grip? On the weekend I was a bit unsure to add or remove teeth, do we add teeth to counter the kart bogging or remove teeth because higher corner speed?

Oh hey welcome back…

What class out of curiosity? Dialling the bogging out of the chassis and dropping axle teeth would be ideal.

Tag restricted light in Australia, Rotax max @ 160kg on lecont lh03 tyres
Our tag restricted class has very similar engine speeds to KA senior

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Not sure how to unload the kart more were running mxc rims hard axle and max rear width what other things can free up a kart on exit

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Seat position, move forward or raise. Camber change can help keep the IR unloaded a little longer on exit too.

As a track rubbers in, if you keep up with the conditions and optimize the chassis accordingly, you should be able to carry more apex speed and in turn drop gear. But if you don’t adjust the chassis properly to the track rubbering in, you will suffer with bogging on the bottom end as the kart gets over-stuck.

What chassis? Are you feeling like it’s getting over-stuck or binding as the track grips up?

It’s a crg kt2 chassis, no hopping or anything just with the Rotax as normal you have to be gentle getting on the throttle but it was becoming really to difficult to get on the throttle smooth enough and you hear the engine almost slowing on exit then pick up again

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Possibly poor carb setting more than chassis setting