Gearing for Andersen Racepark

Hi guys,

Can anyone tell me what gearing is used in the Briggs Sr. class in Andersen Racepark in Florida.

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I run #35 chain 15/56 most of the time in Heavy. I think 15/55 would be a good spot to start for you.

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Thanks Curtis. I struggled that weekend brother. I think it was my chassis setup however. Doing this on my own so struggling with that.

What chassis are you running?

2 stroke BIREL with medium axel. Removed third bearing.

3.66 Gear Ratio … . Not questioning it, never been to Andersen, I’m assuming its a tight track? I want to run there sometime after the August heat passes. My quivering whisker biscuit is still acculating to this Florida heat. :rofl:

They’re re paving now. Racing to start back up in September. It’s a tight track but with the repave and some banking changes I’m sure gearing will change too. Top speed is around 51 for 206.


Cool, I have a birel ry30 too. Make sure the side pods are loose. I took out the plastic bushings then wrapped with thin cardboard so they don’t drag. Also make sure the rear bumper is loose. Rear track width I like around 54"


Too funny :joy::joy::joy: It is hot as hell though :joy::joy::joy::joy:

Awesome. Will do. I removed those plastic bushings today and wrapped it with tape. Too damn stiff with those bushing.

Curtis, quick question. What do you run as far as rear track width and front as far as spacers. I’m getting a lot of different feedback. Figured you’d know more since we are running the same frame.

On my ry30 I’m around 54" in the rear. I’d have to look on the front. With you running an ry28 you’ll probably have a different width. I don’t know anything about those. I thought they were cadet chassis.

It’s a full size 2 stroke chassis. I think it’s a 2018. It’s a RY28-S9 model.

Talk to Jake Mottaz @Andersen. He runs the race team. Very nice and has tons of experience with birel art

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