Getting a shot at moving into formula cars via Lucas Oil's scholarship program (with onboard video)

Hey all,
I’m an automotive journalist and aspiring racer. I am a pretty fast karter and was given the chance (to pay) at the inaugural Lucas Oil Karting Scholarship Shootout. It was a wild experience.

It’s funny how quickly time passes when you’re completely fixated on one goal. After the foray, I racked my brain to try and prepare for the shootout. Some over-the-phone coaching from two racers with years of experience in these cars bolstered my confidence and taught me more about manipulating these machines. A few nights spent running laps on a friend’s iRacing rig, some left-foot braking in a rented Grand Caravan, and a couple outings in a shifter kart bolstered it some more. Considering the challenge ahead, I needed all the bolstering I could get.

Part 1:

Part 2:


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I have to leave and only skimmed the article. Makes me want to read more, other articles by you and visit Turnology site further.

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IF you don’t succeed in racing, you can always think about becoming a writer! Beautifully written.

“Whenever you don’t” implies that he won’t. “If you don’t” would be better in that it opens the possibility that he will succeed. I say this to be of assistance to a Dutch friend who is not intending to be insulting.

Thanks Dom, I know Dutch are blunt but I made a mistake here. Thanks!

You released these articles quite a long time ago, but still a fun read as always.

Thanks Matthijs,
I am a writer. I love writing about racing, but I’d rather be turning the wheel.

Thanks Mike,
There’s plenty of my stuff on Turnology. I’m coming up on 1,100 articles for them.

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Well my comment was a bit off by all means. First I am accidently implying that you will not succeed in racing, then I am suggesting to someone who is a writer that writing might be a good career move! :slight_smile:

Anyway, what I meant to say is clear: it’s fun to read. Reminds me of a talent scout program I entered ten years ago. I remember being quite disappointed that I didn’t win but that disappointment faded away pretty quickly when I realized that I was never going to seriously invest in a car racing ‘career’. I watched some races from the guy that did win the talent program and not only is he a better car racer than me, but he maneged to set up his own racing team after he lost the backing from the program. That’s probably something I never would manage to do, nor did I have the ambition for it.

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What I love about it is that it’s an articulate version of what a younger driver might feel and experience when they go through this.