Getting (back) in karting

Hey guys,

I recently finished my studies and have been looking to get back into karting. Before I stopped (around 4 years ago) I had been racing in the KZ class- after that, I have only driven a kart 2-3 times in my nearest track (practice sessions, not races). My questions are:

  • Should I go directly to KZ again, or should I try something more low-powered and less demanding at first, and then go to KZ once I find my pace again and re-develop my racecraft?

  • If I get a less demanding kart, which engine is the best option right now, in terms of reliability and performance?

  • Which chassis models are considered the best right now? I prefer a stronger front end.

Thanks for the advice!

Where are you located?


What age bracket are you in? Junior (<16), Senior (16+) or Masters (30+)


On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your mechanical ability, or willingness to wrench on things?

Probably 8-9, I have worked on various types of karts a lot in the past.

Talk a little about your racing experience so far.

15 years of racing karts, mostly at national level.

Based on the experience it sounds like you have, I see no reason not to go straight back into KZ. From a driving standpoint, nothing else will compare.

For me, the big consideration when re-entering karting is budget. Thinking about where and when you want to race, as well as the upfront costs of a chassis and engine. Tire and fuel consumption are going to be quite high with KZ, so that’s another cost factor to consider.

The level at which you plan to race, and frequency of racing is going to have a huge effect on cost. If you’re looking to run at a national level then X30 vs. OK vs. KZ won’t be all that different.

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Personally, if you’ve already been driving KZ, I don’t see a problem starting up with it again. Ease into it, you should be fine provided you’re fitness level is up to it. It’s not like they’ve changed radically or acquired orders of magnitude more speed. The equipment & chassis may be more refined with new, improved features, but it’s still 6 gears & a throw lever, throttle/brake/point & shoot technique. There are also aftermarket paddle shift units available now if you want to enhance the experience & improve control, if you’re inclined.

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One caveat for racing: Usually only legal in KZ1 or with COC\Race Director approval.

Generally recommend the chassis brand that has the best support at the races you intend running. Bonus if other drivers run in same class, tires, weight etc which is probably not a problem in KZ.

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Welcome back! I love seeing young drivers return to the sport as adults.

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Welcome back max !! I still remember the smells and the sounds at my comeback . Its gonna be a hell of a ride . Comebacks are new colours to life man !