Getting back in, one man operation?

I’m mostly renting the track privately for testing or coaching. Good chance you might catch me on a random open Friday night trying to stay out of the heat.

I don’t really do much of the club races at this time and just stick to regional/national races. Especially at this time of the year, it’s too damn hot so turnout is probably poor.

Do you have a kart yet or looking for a Compkart?

They are pretty easy to stand up on the rear bumper once you get it in the van. It’s no different than if you have to lift it solo for the one-man stands. So if you can do that, you can stand the kart up and lean it against the wall.

I am in the process of looking for something. I met with Ryan, went to innovative a few times. I would like to meet with Justin but our schedules haven’t lined up so far.

I am wanting an x30, even though it seems as if the class is dying, and will buy a KA as well because it seems like that’s what I can race at bigger races.

Someone I know in Cali has a Tony/x30 that is top of the list as well as a super low HR Ricciardo/x30.

If I could find something here that would be great, but it seems as if the choices for what I want are limited. Although Curtis has a decent Birel in the showroom.

Not sure if you read my “master plan” thread. It has a little background about me and what I am hoping
To do.

Forward direction motorsports in CO has a nice comp/KA for sale. If you have any leads let me
Know!!! I am for sure getting something soon!!

My plan is something similar to what you are doing. My work/travel schedule is crazy. I want to get my feet back under me and when my schedule allows travel to races around the west coast. When will you be testing next? Would love to come out, I’m
Trying to meet as many ppl as possible right now.

KA is way less work than X30. Both off and on track. More competition. Used X30 are selling for less than KAs but they cost more to run.

Both Ryan and Justin a great guys and I’ve raced with both of them. Just depends on what you want or can get you hands on. Also Forward Direction guys are good dudes as well.

If you are fine being out at PKRA with the only X30 this is fine. Really the only thing being run at the track is LO206 and Rotax.

I’ll shoot you a DM with my details so we can chat. In the mean time take a look at

Good friends of mine just started a league that has somewhat exploded and that’s currently running at PKRA. Would be a great way to get back into karting in a relatively completive series. I will be racing with them here shortly when they start racing again in September.

The formula501 thing is cool and looks fab. Interesting club/tent program/race series combined model.

It’s been fun watching it grow. Went from 5 or 6 guys just starting out to 20+ now. Bunch of really gung-ho guys from zero karting experience to pretty high level of driving skill. Races are setup similar to an F1 sprint weekend. You also have a teammate so there is individual and team points.

Is Formula501 a team rental situation with racing karts? I looked at the site and it’s not clear to me. Also I’m tired…

It is a bit unclear but seems like it is an owner/racer situation. What they mean about the whole “team” thing is unclear. You take turns racing? You are on the track at the same time?! How do you earn
Points?? Either way, seems like they get a good turnout. Have me rethinking the choice
Of engine I’m going to go with….

Im in the same situation. I have a stone stand, can’t go wrong with it.

Just get the upgraded metal bottom shelf. The standard one won’t hold much

Majority of the guys own their own kart. New guys can rent one from one of the local race teams (J3 or Ruthless) if they don’t have one yet.

It’s like F1 in terms of racing and points. both teammates are on the track at the same time.

I’m officially back in!! Pulled the trigger on a used comp kart from Forward Direction Motorsports in CO and a 2018 sprinter van!!!

2021, KA100

Still have to round up the rest of the things I need, stands, safety gear etc. but 2 major things done!!