Getting back into karting

I assume that there must be many people in the position I find myself in. I stopped racing regularly in 2008. I never really left karting, just moved over to tuning which I carried on doing on a low key scale when I moved to North America, which gives me somewhat of an advantage over the guy or girl who totally left.

I did a race in 2014 and I did a race in 2015. Both in TAG at my local circuit. However I now find myself craving more competition. I don’t have the capital to buy a kart and engine but I may have enough money to rent a kart and engine for say a regional series.

There must be a bunch of people out there in their early thirties who can maybe afford it and there must also be people like me who don’t want to race briggs because they are either a little heavy or they want to go back to the heady days of 100cc/TAG/Shifter.

What are your thoughts?

F100. Contact Stu Hayner on the west coast and get a copy of the rules, and go get some 100cc’s for pennies on the dollar and have a blast…If I hadn’t stumbled onto this USPKS KA100 deal, I’d have gone down that road…

I haven’t got time or the inclination to get to California.

I’m in BC, Canada.

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Have you been to your local club races, and see what’s being raced around you? That might give you a good sense of what engines might be good logical options? At least, as a place to start.

I only have one this side of the border. West Coast Kart Club, they have LO206, Rotax and TAG Heavies. Now TAG heavies would be the obvious choice but I’ve seen their times and i would be bored because like i said previously I’ve done two races in the last couple of years, i know what times i can do.

Maybe I’m just too picky.

What engines fall into TAG Heavy? X30?

TaG rental at a regional championship seems like the logical choice given your budget constraints and competitive desire.

One thing we get around here at the regionals, is the local expert drivers. So guys that aren’t traveling to big races, but by racing at their home track every weekend, they’re really tough to beat. And that can provide stiff competition without having the “big names” in the national series.

Its TAGUSA rules so;

But on Vega Nordam Blue or the MaxBlue tire.

The tire is because guess what, one of the bigger teams is the vega distributor.

I did consider just the local round of Can Am but then i got excited and thought why not the whole thing.

So it looks like you need to pick a TAG engine. :wink:

Your engine is in that list too…

Yep, it sure is. I even told a friend of mine about it once I saw the list so I could come up and race.