Getting front brakes hooked up

I bought a swiss hutless and the front brake are not hooked up. I don’t know what I need to buy to get the front brakes to work. I’m new to all this and any help would be great!

You need another brake master like the one in picture then a brake bias arm to connect the two like this International Karting Products - Karting Supplies|BRAKE DISTRIBUTION FOR 125 WITH BLACK ANODIZED KNOB. Then all you need is a T brake line that goes from the new brake master to the front of the fuel tank, then splits in a T, to left and right caliper.

The only tricky part is finding the brake line, given the type of build I would go to a custom automotive part store or shop that can build you a custom line very quickly

Reece, what type of kart racing, spring or enduro, do you intend to do? For road/enduro racing, it might be required that you have front brakes. If your intentions are to go sprint racing, leave the front brakes disabled.

It will be road and track racing. I can’t seem to find what parts i need to get them together

That chassis is pre 2003 so finding what you need could be pretty challenging for a brand like Swiss Hutless. Great karts, but their parts tend to be a bit bespoke.

You’ll need another master cylinder, three brakes lines, a brake line Tee, a balance adjustment bar and two longer bolts to hold the two master cylinders on the frame.

Looks like it has a much more modern master cylinder on there from Righetti Ridolfi, so the most logical step forward would be to grab another one and the F/R adjustment parts from RR.

I’m concerned you could end up buying additional parts for a few $100 and end up finding you need pads and/or seals for the front. Depending on your level of concern on that, you could temporarily hook up each front caliper to your existing master cylinder and pressure test them. Then decide how you want to proceed.

The best option could be to seek a used chassis with front brakes already on it. You’ll have to weigh it up and see what fits your skills\time\patience and budget.

Here’s RR’s front brake system. Be forewarned that I think you’re in for as much as $1200 new. So I think getting on facebook marketplace and ebay to find something used, in good shape might be worthwhile.

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Thank you for all the information! I’m going to take your advice and try to find a used kart

Any master cylinder will do, those brakes were pretty standard back then. You’ll need a bias bar and some brake hoses. If the front calipers don’t seal or clean up easily then the front brake system needs to be junked.