Getting Started in Karting in Washington

I and my Family are new to Karting and doing due diligence so we may avoid obvious mistakes a seasoned Karter would have avoided. We are going to the finals in Oregon in a few weeks to spend the whole weekend learning and absorbing as much as we can (sponge like😄).

We live in Aurburn, WA and the local track is within walking distance from my home. We would love to have more meets closer to the greater North West. Additionally, for us, it is little to nowhere to turn for beginners to gain the knowledge needed. We have so many unanswered questions about age, cc levels, modification (?), can a senior like me 65 years old race Karts, divisions and requirements for Kart and driver for each division, etc.

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Hey there Charles,
I live in your area and can help you get started.

If you’re talking about the CanAm finals in Pat’s Acres, I’ll be there too racing with Huggler Racing Engines. Feel feel to DM me any questions you have.



Thank You Divan for your kind offer and we will be more then happy to talk with you about how to get started karting effectively, avoiding newbies costly mistakes. I can be reached also at [email protected]…again Than You…Scout

Davin sorry for miss spelling your name Bro…


Kart-o-Rama in Sumner is a great local resource as well. Roger is very plugged in to the karting community in the PNW.

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Davin, I am currently reserving a trailer from JBL to go to Pat’s Acres and plan on getting there on Wednesday so we can walk the track and see how things work from beggining at registration, to setup and all procedural protocols to get ready for race day and time Trails. When will you be arriving there, do you already have a site for your team or is it first come first served in getting the best sites or are they assigned through pre-registration? Thanks :checkered_flag::male_detective::thinking:

Ty thank You very much for the lead. I will check them out right now, thanks again. :sparkles::dove::footprints::cowboy_hat_face:Scout©:checkered_flag::earth_americas::dizzy::vulcan_salute:t3:

Honestly, I’m letting Doug handle the transportation of the trailer and equipment. It’s one of the benefits of racing with HRE, is that he does a great job of handling the coordination to large events, and we pay a fee for the service.

I’ll be getting on Thursday though to check the track out, since it’s been a while since I’ve driven that track.

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Great we will be there on Thursday as well and will look you up. I am looking forward to meeting You and Your Team! We would love to walk the track with you and observe what kinds of things you look for on the track besides the obvious. Thanks, Joshua and I and the rest of the family appreciate your assistance! :peace_symbol::male_detective::thinking::hugs::cowboy_hat_face::orthodox_cross:

How much (ballpark) does that cost from HRE. They are really close to me, and after a super busy summer, I am trying to get going…again. I want to have my rotax looked at, and maybe some help with suspension setup.

Hey there Chris,
I DMed you Doug’s number. Feel free to reach out. :slight_smile:

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