Getting Started in New England

Hello All,

Looking into getting into karting in new england. Complete noob, wanting to start in LO206. I am 33 years old, mechanically capable, have no HPDE or track experience and hoping to use LO206 to get started.

I am located in MA but am currently house shopping in southern NH.

What karting locations/organizations exist in my area?
Any recommended kart shops?
Id prefer to buy used, and am really just looking to get a little seat time by the end of the year.
Recommended online kart shops?

I suppose the long and short is, I dont know what I dont know, so any advise, tips, tricks, or recommendations are greatly appreciated.



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Welcome! @E13 is up your neck of the woods and might have insight.

I get to help someone!! I race world formula in the NHKA series. It’s the biggest class there with an average of 20 karts.
In terms of chassis, I’d get a 4 stroke specific chassis from one of these brands (most supported in the NH region) DR, MacMinarelli, praga, And maybe CRG. DR and MacMinarelli have dealers in NH, and make up 60-70% of karts in NH.
In terms of engines, get a 206 if you plan on racing in more than just the NHKA, but get a world formula if you only want to race in the NHKA for a few years. Both are very similar upfront costs, and the exact same maintenance costs. WF is a little bit faster, and very popular in the NHKA
I’d recommend going to the DR or Mac dealer and buying a used kart from them, as it’ll be cheaper than new and in good condition. As well as having plenty of parts and service help locally. has lots of information as well
Feel free to ask me any questions I’ll do my best to help


Call my old friends - Roger Hargens at Prospeed Kartsports, 508-341-3845, Mike Camarra at CFMotorsports 508-588-2355, and George Vorrilas at Apex Kart, 978-479-7974.

Any of them will be able to get you set up with a kart.

Before buying anything you should visit the tracks that are closest to you and get a feel for the people and the atmosphere. Some tracks may have rentals and that would be worthwhile trying. You mention the 206 class and that is a great entry point for anyone. If rentals aren’t an option hanging around the track and befriending someone that is of similar size to you might also earn you a few laps, especially if someone is looking to sell their kart. The internet can be a good source of used karts and parts but you would be better off buying from someone face to face.

I thought there was a track near Boston, but heard that may have closed. Elias is in NH and could speak more to the location, but there are two tracks they race on with the NHKA.

Like a lot of “toys” there are some considerations. Usually, a kart has to be transported or a garage at the track can be rented if available. Do you have a way to transport a kart? I have seen people fit a kart into a hatchback or station wagon, but a van or truck would be better. A small open bed trailer is an option or even better is an enclosed trailer. You will need tools ( I have a dedicated set of kart tools that go with the karts) and once you buy a kart you will want spares for things that may need to be replaced at the track (axles, spindles, extra nuts and bolts, steering shaft, wheels).

Elias can also speak to the option of a tent program where you basically rent the kart, mechanic and storage. It might be an option to get started too.

Karting is fun and is likely the least expensive way to race something you sit in. Welcome!

Thank you so much for the replies!

Elias - I was looking into the MacMinarelli karts for that exact reason. What Mac dealer would you recommend talking to? The ones that Charles Kaneb mentioned? Realistically I would likely stay within NHKA, but I also dont know what other local groups/clubs exist, thats what my rudimentary googl-fu turned up.

Does NHKA do any tent programs like Robert mentioned? I think keeping cost low while I explore if this is for me would be beneficial.

Are there tracks where I can just get laps in to get seat time?

Mac and DR both have tent programs, NHKA has limited seat time unfortunately, the only track nearby that has practice days is club motor sports and OVRP, but OVRP is pretty far. I would stick with the NHKA, only option locally, next closest series would be the f series but most of the tracks will be a 6+ hour drive. If you stick with the NHKA I think you’ll have the most fun in world formula, as it’s just that little bit quicker than the 206, and has bigger fields.