Getting x30 warm

Hi! I have a x30 junior and im struggeling to get it upp to a optimal temp. I have taped the radiator and have a winter jacket on the cylinder. Its around 7 deg celcius. Im scared to push the kart if it not atleast 50 deg celcius water temp. It didnt go upp over 42 after 7 laps and when i was holding full throttle on the straight


Make sure to warm the engine on the stand before hitting the track. I’d get to 40-45C before hitting the track, and then take it easy for your first lap or so. If needed, cover the entirety of the radiator, but arrange the tape if a way that you can remove individual pieces if the temps get too high.

Iame also makes a thermostat that helps bring the engine up to temp quicker.

I have one of them thermostats that open at 45 celcius

I’m with Evan, it’s quite possible you just the outside temperature on the rad and hoses is sufficient and you don’t need cold air flowing through the cooling vanes at all. Just keep closing it, I reckon with a slither at the top about an inch wide you’ll be where you need to be

Just checking - is that a standard radiator 410x186mm? Maybe just the camera angles but it looks like a big one (410x230)

Im going to check i think big one

Well that won’t help :rofl:

I run X30 senior in Abu Dhabi during summer at 50 deg C, even then no need for the big rad.

Haha. Its an iame rad thats 228mm and 410

That’s the big one. Def you’ll have to tape it up almost fully, maybe even completely

Oh ok thats good to know. Beacuse im struggeling with the temp

Tape up the rad completely, warm it up on the stand (we usually get it to 100°F or so), and get it around 110°F on-track before hammering it.

Should be able to get it hot enough that way.

They make heating systems for the water-cooled engines here, where you hook the lines up to your cooling system and it warms the water and pumps warm water through the system, but they’re rarely used. Even in cold temps it should be possible to get the engine warm enough.

I think id be tempted to re route the water around my torso rather than through the rad :joy:

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They do that with shirts for cooling. Might be useful in UAE.

Yeah I did look at those.

You can also lean it back more so it gets less air through…this should help you run hotter

I’d err against that, especially since the kid is clearly learning how to run an X30. Leaning off is a quick route to seizure if you don’t know what you’re doing, especially with a brand new motor. Save it for later.

Regarding the rad, if you plan to run competition series you’ll probably have to change it for standard size, depends on tech rules there but here it’s not allowed. For now tape it up all but a couple of cm at the top you should be good. Then let her rip potater chip!

I meant leaning the radiator back, meaning less upright=less airflow.

I assume jetting is ok :slight_smile:


Good morning Andy :grin: 20 vh

Yeah we sorted his jetting out :slight_smile:

If your thermostat is defective and always open, it takes time to get it up in temperature…