Go Kart Single Axle drive

My birthday is next month and I want a go kart. I plan on making the frame from scratch. What tools, material, and cost. Thanks for your help.

Quality welder, tubing bender, drill press, mill, flat plate for fixture, chrome moly tubing (lots of it) steel plate, aluminum sheet,
Cost?? More than you would ever guess.

I have a-lot on little stuff. Only at 419

I have a welder. Several drills. Would a predator 212 do the job for a first kart?

Is this going to be like a fun yard kart or are you taking this to a track?

Yard kart. It’ll be my first

They used to sell Plans once upon a time I think.

On KartFab they do, but I’m not paying $20 for plans. I am relating mine to theirs

Depends how fancy you want. But as far as frame fabrication. I bet I could do some crazy stuff with a chromoly or docol to include spindles/bearing supports etc for under 750. But if you’re planning square/round mild steel if you had to spend more than 250 for the chassis itself id be surprised. That is assuming you have all the fabrication equipment required


Docol sucks for karts. Trust me.

Yeah hadn’t looked into it much outside using it for cage builds. But for a backyard kart im sure it doesn’t much matter. But on that note if I am building a backyard kart im using DOM and probably not even breaking out the notcher.

Plans might be the best $20 bucks you spend. Saves you a lot time.

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