Go Karting. What should I do? Help Required

Hello all I am Ryan and I am new to the forums and have come here with a question that has puzzled me and require some assistance.

I have recently got into Go Karting. Not on a professional scale but on a have a bit of fun basis. All started when I got a ticket to go and do an arrive and drive 50 lap race at a TeamSport Indoor track. From there I go as often as I can and have full gear.

I have won on the indoor 50 lap races and take part in time trial laps just to try to get better. I lap on average 37-39 seconds per lap. I went karting yesterday and it was a race but I felt like I was no longer achieving anything here at the indoor karting places. I feel like I have so much to learn but I don’t think I am getting any better. Like I have reached the pinnacle of where I can be at these indoor karting places.

I was wondering what you guys recommend I do next? I mean I don’t want to purchase my own Go Kart as I don’t have the facilities so to speak to move it around the UK. I am wondering if there is an arrive and drive that will really allow me to get some more skill and even go a bit faster. All they have at indoor is Biz Karts which are 200cc i believe. Not bad karts to start but looking to go faster and learn more.

If you guys could share what you do or maybe what you would do if you was in my position that would be fantastic. I am open to new things and willing to try anything. I enjoy racing as a whole and don’t want to be put off just because I feel I have hit a wall.

I live in the Oxfordshire area but drive so I don’t mind travelling to try things out.

Many Thanks


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Is this anywhere near you in England?

Looking at the map, Shenington is in Oxfordshire. Their schedule seems to indicate that club 100 has races there. I am not from the U.K. so unsure.

This is right near me in the UK. Thank you for sharing this with me. Will have a look into this :slight_smile:

They are the best arrive-and-drive series in UK as far as I know. They are quite expensive from my point of view but I guess for someone dedicated a bit to the sport, it is not going to be a problem. They have many different tracks on the calendar and have some nice prizes for the best drivers at the end of each season. You can check Super GT on youtube (he has racing videos) for some driving footage from the events, it is pretty serious and well organized.

Here is the link to his channel, you can search through his videos for karting races at many different tracks: https://www.youtube.com/user/xSUPERxGTx/videos

Of course, more people have videos about club100, but if you decide to participate, there are a lot of driving tips in his videos as well!

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According to their website. https://www.club100.co.uk Club 100 have an event at Whilton Mill kart circuit near Daventry this Sunday 8.Sept 2019. They run 20+ hp.Rotax junior two stroke engines and Bridgestone YDS tyres. Might be worth a look?

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