Go Pro quick bar mount?

I have a grandson that’s in K1 electric karts league. And wonder if there is any Gopro quick clamps or quick mounts that work good around tubing around Go Kart frames. Has to be able to take off quick cause he has to move to different karts all the time… Something that’s a quality piece you have been using ??? Thanks Dave

Negative ghost-rider.

Generally they don’t want you putting anything on their karts. Although GoPro and the rest make tubing clamps when I asked Will about that he was like nonono.

They seem ok with cameras on your person (if they allow cams). I’d inquire first about what’s allowed, ask them if you can clamp to tubing but they will probably say no.

If your kid doesn’t want a gopro on his chin (that would be your next best idea) you could use one of those horse racing cameras TJ had, that fits inside helmet.