Go Pro Recommendation?

Looking to buy a go pro for my son’s kart. We just got the Mychron 5. Is there a certain model to get? Do I need the newest (Hero 11?), or would the Hero 9 or 10 be sufficient?

If you’re just looking to use it as a coaching tool, you don’t need all the bells and whistles so an older one will suffice. If you want to make cinema quality edits, then you might want the latest and greatest.

I have three Hero 8s that work great and are even overkill for most of what I use them for.

Agreed. I have a 4 for my daughter and recently got a 10 for myself. The 10 is certainly clearer, but the 4 is perfect for looking at her feet, steering inputs, line, etc, and just showing family.

The newer models have awesome shake reduction, horizon tracking, etc, but even with the 4 mounted to a bumper, it is perfectly adequate.

Not answering your question because I don’t know but Costco has the GoPro Hero 11 with a 64GB card, two batteries (and a hand stick thingy) on sale for $389…

Yeah so that’s basically the answer with Gopro… unless you are going for as cheap as possible used, it’s basically whatever is the deal at the time. Right now it makes no sense to get the 9 or 10 with the 11 priced at 350. As a subscriber which gets me the better pricing is 299 for a 9, which is terrible considering subscriber cost for an 11 is 299 currently.

I’d say spring for the subscription deal and get an 11. I got it because I liked the idea of being able to send back broken camera.

you can go all the way back to gopro hero 7 and get pretty good video. image stabilization works pretty well.

I agree! Hero 7 was the turning point, I think. Hero 5 was the first decent stabilization. I use the 7 all the time still.

They appear to be going for about 100 bucks on ebay. I’d rather go with the 11 for 300, ideally, tho. Gopro is terrible about support and as models get older they get ignored.

7 is all i use, and probably won’t get anything new unless i break one, and then i’d probably only get another 7 or 8, because they are pretty affordable used.

I have a hero 9 and it has been great for a while until it would randomly overheat during practice days and would not film for more than a minute. My last practice day it was not working well like usual and its mount snapped off on its own from no contact and flew off my kart. I have heard that the brand new ones are overkill and are not nearly as dependable as the hero 8 and below.

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Oof. I had read that the 10 had big overheating problems. I have a 9 and so far it’s been good.

I think you’ll be satisfied with anything from 7 onwards. Use the money saved to buy a wind cover (Dead kitten), extra brackets, memory cars etc.

Regardless of which model you go with, I suggest putting some investment into the mount. We use the Odenthal go pro mount. It’s attached to the left side seat post so I can see the track, as well as both feet. This is VERY important for coaching. You want to see their feet to determine when they are on/off the gas/brake.

In addition, we use an aluminum cage I found on Amazon for about $35. Utilizing these two items, we get great footage and never lose the camera.

The mounts from go pro are not effective in motorsports. Spend the money for good mounting, or you’ll end up with excellent footage of the grass or crash barriers that the camera falls into after the plastic GoPro mount breaks.

From my experience every odd-numbered GoPro is good. Love my 7s. Had an 8 that was garbage. Have a 9 which is good. Tried a 10 and after sending it back multiple times sold it. I mostly stick to using my 7s they just work.

7 is the first really good one. Nice but not extreme inage stabilization.

I have an 8 Black (purchased used) and have had zero issues with it. Would recommend.

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HERO 3 Black still kicking! Awesome and rugged!

When did they add GPS? I am looking to get one as well, but want to be able to do dash overlay…

Or you can spend sub-$70 with a regular ram mount setup from Amazon that I’ve been using for three years with no issues!

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Hero 7 here, works well and it was pretty cheap.

I have the screw on mount into my front fairing. Learned the hard way not to use adhesives after it flew off a couple of times. Luckily no serious damage. Wear and tear was also why I wanted the cheapest GoPro with image stabilization.

I had that aluminum cage for the camera like John posted, but it was too heavy for the mount and kept angling toward after a few bumps. So I ended up going with the same basic thing just in plastic to reduce weight.

Agree. The Odenthal mount is sweet but way overkill. I also have a $30 Ram mount and it has been rock solid for two years.