Gokart fuel (Aspen)

Hi. My track has set a new rule that we are from now on only allowed to use Aspen plus gasoine. 98 octane, Is the aspen fuel allready 2 stroke with oil or do i need to mix it myself?

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You need to mix it like you did before.

Like James said definitely has to be mixed with oil first. Also I’ve heard the Aspen is especially sensitive to sunlight, so I would recommend mixing in small batches and keeping it as cool and dark place as possible.

Thanks. I apriciate it

Aspen Sport has MMT. Do not expose it to sunlight; keep it in the steel drum until you pour it into the kart tank, make sure you have stickers all over the tank or a dark grey CRG tank. Otherwise you’ll lose the antiknock effect of the fuel and clog your fuel filter.

“ Degraded MMT will settle to the bottom of the container as a rust colored material that can clog fuel lines and filter”


I have a praga tank and have stickers on the side but not at the front
Should i be worried

I didn’t realize sunlight was the enemy to this degree. In that case, I have seen the foil tape that is typically used to seal air ducts (but isn’t called duct tape) to cover the tank. I am also in the habit of emptying the kart tank after race day.

In your defense, I can also understand the confusion with this product as the website shows smaller canisters of fuel designated 2 stroke and 4 stroke and they also have 2 stroke oil too.

No, it’s under the Nassau panel on track.

ok thanks.!!! im just scared to ruin it