Gokart tires almost no grip

Hi everyone. I have a question… I have a j125 lart with lecont medium tires and the outside temp is around 18 deg celcius. I have noticed a drop in my lap time around 1 sec. After like 5 laps tire are gone. I run around 10 to 11 psi cold pressure. Dont remember what warm pressure was. What can cause this problem? The tirs are used around 5 training sessions. I have a stock axel on my praga evo. As for now…

Track conditions can vary a lot, and tires wear out and get slower the more laps you put on them. Might be time for some new rubber.

Damn. My pocket is going to be emty soon. :joy::joy: I need a new helmet too​:wink::dizzy_face:

What do you guys think is the best tire brand off you oppinion in j125
Or senior

If you are racing, there will be a mandatory tire compound to run, and would be best to practice on that. If you are just practicing and not racing, any medium or medium/hard compound is probably fine. Harder if you want more durability but less grip.

Mojo D5 or Komet K2H, I really like the Komets. I’m able to do a race weekend then put another couple of hundred laps practice on them before they become kind of unbearable.

It’s advisable though not to practice much on worn out tires, your driving settles in to the wrong style.