Gold Cup at G&J Kartway [June 9-11]

OVKA in Camden Ohio and MCC in Cincinnati Ohio.

Both the wrong direction for you. I think MSKC in Springfield IL would be closer for you but they’re on Hoosiers.

Yeah, I’ve considered going to Springfield. Buying a set of Hoosiers has kept me from doing so. I wish there was a sprint kart track closer to the west side of Indiana. I’m in dirt circle territory over here😅

Have you been to MRP in South Bend?

No, not yet… It looks like Mid-State, Michiana, G&J and MCC are all about 3 hours from me here in Terre Haute. We’re certainly blessed in the midwest with lots of places to race. I think as I gain experience and confidence I would enjoy traveling a little farther out.

MG Reds are fastest out of the wrapper 95% of the time.

Stop by the garage at WRP. I’ll give you a set so you can try Springfield and Camden.

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All MGs have absolutely sucked for me on first heat cycle…

Id try to contribute but i’ve always run take offs from the big teams. I do know that MG reds will run as fast when they’re super old, just takes about 8 laps to get them to come in.


Will do! Thank you😊. I plan on being out there 06/25.