Gold Cup at G&J Kartway [June 9-11]

WKA is offering some big deals to local 206 racers to come out to G&J Kartway this weekend for Gold Cup on June 9-11:

REDUCED PRICES: $200 All Classes ($170 Kid Karts)

Vega Red or Hoosier R60B tires accepted: New or Used (Race on Qualifying tires)

Buy-One Get-One: All 206 Featherweight entrants can run CIK #360 Free of Charge! & All CIK #360 entrants can run 206 Featherweight Free of Charge!

$50 Summit Racing Gift Cards for each entrant

All Gold Cup Racers receive vouchers for 2 FREE Practice Days at G&J Kartway ($40 value)

Friday Practice OPTIONAL

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I’ll say it on this friendly forum. It appears Gold Cup is desperate to drum up any interest. I bet they have 20ish entrants total.

Gold Cup should have never tried to come back.

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Turnout will be better because its at G&J, but overall gold cup coming back is basically the WKA missing the boat by years!

I got banned from their page for commenting the over/under is 40… I thought it was on the shared post, but I guess not… Oops.


Welp, nevermind. They’re bailing for whiteland in the fall. Event cancelled.

Yikes that’s not good.

What’s with the general tone of “here we go again”.

Did they really screw things up in the past?

If you were looking for somewhere to race this weekend, pack up and head over to Pitt Race. I’ll take the over without a doubt on forty entries …… in 206 Senior alone!

Friday 8:30-12:30 open practice

Saturday Raceday 8-2 (KK, 206 Sportsman/Junior/Senior, KA Junior/Senior)

Sunday 8:30-12:30 open practice

206 - Mojo D2
KA - Mg Red

If you have any questions - shoot me a note or a text.


WKA botched a lot of things about a decade ago with how they ran their series.

Gold Cup (their 4-cycle national series) had many struggles and hasn’t been able to muster entries for years but they keep trying to keep it alive for some reason.

I have a question. Why is 206 on a Mojo tire? :sweat_smile:

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I have a question, why aren’t they run on rental tires? Not kidding.

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They are pretty sweet club tire tbh. You could definitely make one full set and a set of fronts last all season. We swapped to mojo a few years back from the YLCs. Way better imo

They also seem to just get faster and faster all the way to end

Also aren’t the “fastest” on the sticker as well so no need to have brand new tires every race weekend

Just some things I’ve noticed

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We’re spoiled over here in Indiana. Everyone is on MG Reds. Just need OVKA to switch and we’ll have 4 great tracks within 2 hours of me on the same tires. No need to look any further


Dom, the key nowadays is that I can run WKA for $1k weekend and run against 5 people or run my local club and race against 25 guys for $50.


Last time I ran WKA, in 2020, it was a complete political shitshow.

It is the greatest tire ever for club racing, particularly with the 206. First heat cycle is awful so no one buys new tires for quali. And doesn’t fully settle out until cycles 3-4. And then it’s the same for 30 heat cycles. So you just buy a set and run them for races, practices, whatever until there is nothing left. No need for a second set of wheels for race or practice tires either.

You have to take them off when the cords pop through because it’s dangerous, not because it’s slow. :smiley:

Every 206 club in the country needs to seriously consider the Mojo D2. It’s an absolute budget and competition dream.

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Interesting, have not tested a Mojo D2 but the MG Reds have been similar for me.

PA/OH Great Lakes tracks are moving to a pretty unified Mojo D2 for 206 and MG Red for KA. Pitt Race ran 206 on the Mojo D2 last year and it was great honestly. But in the spirit of cooperation Pitt, Thompson, Ohio Sprint Series and the future Lorain track are all on the same package going forward.

We’ve not quite had the same experience with MG Reds in LO206 Cadet. We see roughly 7-10 pretty competitive heat cycles and then drop off 3-5 tenths for another 7-10 cycles and then seem to flatten out at about .5-.75 seconds off pace until they’re corded.

They’re also incredibly slippery for the first 2-3 laps if it’s cold outside.

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NCMP, WRP… Where are the other tracks?

I just mounted up a new set of MG Reds after putting 6 race weekends and several practice days on the last set. I’m still pretty new to karting so I’m really curious to see how things go with a fresh set of rubber. I’m planning on going to NCMP sunday.