Golf For Go-Karts Fundraiser in Northern California

In my efforts to promote karting events in Northern California, I was exposed to a fundraiser from a local Norcal team and their driver taking a different direction to raise funds to race the Rok Cup Italy event.

SpeedSense’s pilot, William Ferguson, is the driver.

The team decided to host a golf tournament to raise the funds required to send Ferguson to Italy. The plan includes going over there early to practice before the world event.

More info can be found here - Golf For Go-Karts

This isn’t an attempt to sell tickets, but rather to start the discussion on creative ways to raise funds for racing or other dreams. I will have Austin Elliott on my Norcal Podcast show later this week, and I figured KP is the perfect discussion community for good input and positive discussions.

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Golf For Go-Karts

Above is a link to what SpeedSense and Golf for Go Karts is pushing.

We also had Austin Elliott on our show to promote his event.

Take a quick look and let me know what you think, about the event, the podcast, the quality. etc.