Good engine flush

I need an engine flush for my Vampire VT250. Any recommendations

Do you have deposit buildup in the cooling system?

Do not use automotive type coolant when refilling the cooling system. It’s not allowed to be used in karting events. Leaks or spills on track surfaces is slippery. All karting sanctioning bodies do not allow its use.

Use distilled water whenever possible. An additive like this can be used in karting.

There aren’t any official race series that will allow this engine anyhow, at least to my knowledge, so feel free to use whatever will best protect the engine, provided the track will allow it. It’s for fun.

Here in UAE we have IAME and ROTAX kart owner series’ plus the Sodi and GKEC rentals.

Is the automotive coolant bad for the kart, or just not allowed for races. Because i wont be racing this kart, just driving it for fun.

Yeah, sadly i know. But i think i will mostly use this kart for driving, not competitively.

It’s not bad for the engine. Most tracks/clubs don’t allow the use of it. Check with any track you plan on using it at first.
When you say driving it for fun, are you taking it to a track to run laps?

I was about to write what Dedo wrote.

If you’re planning to run owner sessions at Kartdrome just check with Brighty, he’ll keep you right.

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Due to the relatively high boiling & evaporation points of coolants, they will stay on the track if/when leaked, & are pretty slick, posing a safety risk if they get on tires.
It’s also worth noting that water has a higher thermal transfer rate compared to glycol, etc.

Mix an appropriate amount of Watter Wetter + distilled water & call it good.

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I asked David, but he told me he is currently busy and he will check with me on Monday, since its eid.

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