Good luck to my Florida Peeps

With Hurricane Ian coming our way, I’m happy to report it shifted east so its not going down my driveway like previously thought, but I know I will still see some carnage. Good luck to everyone in Florida, any hurricane with a 450 mile wide band is no bueno.


Stay safe man ….I’m in Orlando and keeping a close eye on this one. Ian may see I-4 without the usual Polk County to Disney traffic parking lot and decide to have a clear commute towards us up to Jax :crazy_face:

On a good note, my Generac that’s been sitting since Irma started on the 3rd pull. In its defense, the first 2 were before I realized I didn’t flip the run knob to on. Dohhhh.

Yeah I walked the property and secured all patio furniture, pumped the pool down 18 inches, removed any items that could take flight, etc.

This will be an intetesting one for sure. All vehicles and gas cans are full, and my chainsaw and generator are set and ready to go! Hopefully I don’t need them, but you never know. . .


My Brother is down in Pompano and was telling me yesterday the rain was already coming down. Looks like the circulation is swamping the East Coasters with King Tide on top of that. Stay safe my friends!!

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Boston will probably see some flooding, last time there was a hurricane near Florida the water nearly rose up to the piers, and that was a category 2 hurricane.
Stay safe Florida folk, and keep us updated

How did Boston fare just recently? Iirc there was a hurricane that made it up to Canada, so waaay north.

I don’t believe it ever reached land, but I heard there were large swells. Nor’easters are more of a threat than hurricanes for us though, as they stay in place for up to 3 days

Stay safe everyone! Hopefully it will not be as bad as previous storms.

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Learning the European Spagetti models are the most accurate by far. Good stuff on Mike’s Weather Page as well.