Good Online Sources For Parts

I need to get some spare parts (lug nuts, safety clips, fuel line, brake pads, driver sprockets, chains, etc.). Eventually I will need to replace broken Compkart parts, I’m sure. I also anticipate needing IAME X30 engine consumables too (reeds, clutch pads, etc.) I’m not sure if it’s allowed here, but can anyone recommend good online suppliers for such things? I would love a one-stop place that has extensive stock and selection. My searches so far seem to lead me to a different supplier for each thing I need. Sourcing things that way is a pain, and increases the probability that I will encounter a bad vendor that gives me problems.

J3 Competition seems pretty crappy as a direct source–really bad web design, limited selection, and out of stock on things I need. Thanks.

Where are you out of? There’s probably a local kart shop that carries X30 parts.

If you need a national vendor, try Acceleration Kart Racing in Nevada or Comet Kart Sales in Indiana.


Thanks. I’m in north Georgia. I’m a member at AMP, and they have a shop there, but it’s hit and miss. It would be good to be able to shop on line as well.

Mondokart is pretty good I find. At least for here in Australasia, unsure of the cost comparison to your US based stores

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I’m on the west coast, so take that in consideration of my opinion of these two shops located in Las Vegas. I’ve used FasTech and Acceleration Karting both have been the best. Comet Kart Sales also has a really good reputation.


Kartsport located around the corner at GoPro or Comet kart in Indy would be good choices. That’s where I normally got my oddball parts from when I was in NC.

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Unfortunately, you will likely have to buy from several sources. I would suggest supporting the local dealer as much as possible. If their supply is hit and miss that might be because they aren’t being supported. If local doesn’t work, you have options.

Compkart stuff can be tricky and expensive on the internet, however, Freeline items are a little easier to find and most things are interchangeable. I have good luck with PSL karting out of Canada. Their prices are a little better and they will have sales at several points during the year where you can save about 30%. As others have mentioned Comet Kart is good and I have had good luck with Fastech Racing out of LV as well. I look for free shipping and most have that when you spend $200 or more, which isn’t too hard to do. Some things don’t have to be kart specific either. For example, I find buying spark plugs from Rock Auto much cheaper than any kart store.

Support your local shops and teams as much as you can. If nothing nearby, Acceleration and Comet have about everything.