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I think this has been posted before but Fastech has a lot Titanium parts. Very expensive. Titanium Bodywork Nerfbars & Bumpers - Fastech-Racing

Sometimes, a very slight drag of brakes timed just before you feel the back end is going to step out, can help settle down the rotational momentum.

Big round turn-ins for very high speed turns will almost always induce a lot of rotational momentum, which inevitably peaks near the apex and ‘kicks’ the rear tires loose. One way to counteract this is to turn in a little earlier than normal (like a couple of feet), but a little more slowly than normal. This can change the way loads build in your tires. This technique also lessens rotational momentum at turn-in by moving some of the rotational forces to a location closer to the apex. It also slightly changes the trajectory of the kart as it approaches the apes (provides a slightly more neutral or understeering orientation), which makes the kart feel very stable.

In sim you can do a very light brake application, like 1 percent. Just a hint of brake as you get down to where it will want to kick. We seem to deal with this more in big car turn than say at Gopro round kart turn.

I think these are the 2 turns i struggle the most

This is my race when i set my pb

I dont really know when but afyer i passed the 268 gokart somewhere

The double apex at the back?

@2:30 see what happens when you hold the pedal down longer ? :grinning: Nice pass.

@Awa, nice drive!
It looks like you are able to go flat (or very close to flat) through the 1st fast right, but you ‘breath’ the kart more in the 2nd turn. However, it does look like there is still a reasonable amount of track/run off at the exit of the 2nd turn when you breath the throttle, so maybe it’s just a matter of getting more comfortable with the speed, and a bit of mind over matter to go flat in the 2nd turn. You could just work up to it gradually (using the brake drag or not) until you are ready to go flat consistently. Visualize this in detail, and it will happen much faster.

Watching the video, I would say your time deficit to P1 is probably a combination of the lift in that 2nd right, and a little bit of trying too hard; you seemed to over drive the entry on at least one turn every lap, which leaves you trying to settle the kart down mid-turn instead of getting back to the gas early & hard. That said, when you don’t over drive turns (which is most of the time), you have very nice throttle & rotation control!

Let us know when you make it to #1 is Sweden!


I like what I saw in many ways. You seem to be deliberate about what you are doing and are trying to feel it work as it needs to in corners. I can sense you trying to feel the line/grip.

But you are also learning how to dance I think. It’s like you have these nice moves where you spin your partner and then seem sort of not ready for the next move. It’s a pacing thing, I feel a lot of pauses as you “think”. That thott seems to express itself with being off throttle.

Use the width and let it flow. Do a ton of laps and fill the gaps in your footwork in. I’m gonna watch this again to see if my feelings changed.

@1:46 get closer to the guy ahead. Too many kart lengths and then you are a bit late to start. If I am not mistaken two get by you in turn 1. Don’t give them an open door like that. (If this is your first few races it’s totally understandable because it’s a bit scary).

2:06 this is what I mean about the beat being a bit off. Look at how you let the kart go slack as you figure out your plan. Long off power moment. However, you are making a point of getting back to throttle by apex generally so that caution going in allows you to be well placed for exit. If you can get more confident under braking, this will save you time.

3:09 I bet this second apex is flat (coming onto start/finish straight). Matter of line, likely.

As the race goes on here, your pacing becomes more urgent and less laconic. But, you start washing wide as your braking isn’t there yet, sometimes.

I think it looks good and I like how you generally are thoughtful about exit speed. It just looks to me like you need laps.

I would also encourage you to think about throttle as less binary. It’s not off-on. You can use the throttle like your brake for control. Try messing with partial throttle in some places where you’d otherwise be fully lifting. Mess with modulation. Also, mess with brake release and see how that works. Try to do fast versus normal versus slow brake release and see how that messes with kart balance in various turns:

Agree with others you need to work on throttle modulation and not be so quick to use it as an on-off switch. More smooth and progressive and controlled throttle inputs, along with smoother hand inputs and a focus on getting the kart down to the apexes consistently. Quite a few missed apexes and late throttle inputs because you’re fighting the wheel making several inputs and not braking hard enough in the big brake zones.

Also you seem to look for an overtake into turn 6(left-hander?) a lot when you are really far back from the leading kart and there’s no chance of an opportunity. Stick behind and wait for the right time to fully commit, rather than half-committing when the chance isn’t really there.

Good effort for your experience level.


I always look at the videos with a different view after the feedback you guys give!

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Can you explain overdrive pls

And what the lift into turn 2 mean

And breathing throttle what is that​:sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

Thanks soo mutch i will utalice all of this feedback on my next practice session i really needed this for me to go on and improve. So to summon this up its basically
Go closer to the end of track before turns. Be more smooth with imputs and do alot of practice. Can you just explain one more thing washing wide what do you mean by that? Again thanks for the time spent helping me😀

Washing wide is when you go wide of the apex. It seems to happen when we have too much speed into a corner.

I remember Norberg’s tip: he said if you find yourself wide in a corner it’s probably because you didn’t brake enough. Or something to that effect.

And also just to ask. Can i fit KG 507 sidepods on my KG 506 sidepod support or do i need to get the new ones
And also for the new nasu panel with a hole do i need to get new mounts or can i have old one

Or can i fit only the new nasu with new mounts on a old front bumper

Overdriving is what it sounds like: too much effort driving and being too aggressive. Entering corners too fast, scrubbing wide, that kind of stuff. Opposite is under-driving which generally means driving below the tires capabilities. Basically too timid.

Lift: lift means lifting off the accelerator and coasting.

Breathing (on the) throttle: very very light power. Just a breath of wind on the throttle.