Good uppgrades

Im on a roadtrip and i have vissited cuple f1 tracks and now heading to italy. Im going to mondokart. Is there any good uppgrades that make a difference in laptimes or overall kart performance and comfort. Please let me know before next week thanks guys :blush:

I know a couple of people who have finagled Kart Republic body panels on to their kart (one a CRG another a Lando Kart) and saved a good 2 kg in weight.

New Nassau panels seem to give better aero especially for larger drivers, nothing proved though.

Sniper pills are a bit subjective, you either like them or you don’t. I do like them.

weight reduction not mything really. im 15kg under the assigned weight for my class j125
its 150kg with driver in equippment and i am 135kg. But i will maby lokk for the nasu panel and the sniper pills thanks @Richard_Jacques

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Yeah I figured you might be underweight. For me with my CRG at 4kg over, KR panels is something I’d like to do. Though I’m on a break from racing just now, too busy trying to get my project off the ground

Im on veccation 1month and kind of healing my ribs so i can be the number 1 karting driver in sweden ciurently 4th place with less thean 1sec to nr1

Oooh a goal. How are you gonna go about this?

Im going to drive as mutch as i can on my 150laps old tires untill they brake. And get a mechanic for 1 day that costs 240euro and he does all wheelsettings changes rims hubs etc to make me faster thean when we have all of it tuned we put on a fresh set of tires when it is as hottest at the track with most rubber. Last time i did my 4th place placement it was at a so called rubber day aswell

I advise against driving so much on old rubber if you want to be no1, you won’t notice but your driving style changes to adapt to the old rubber. Driving lots and lots on old rubber creates muscle memory that is difficult to reset when you put fresh rubber.

You checked the #1 video footage if available? Maybe he’s got something to learn from.

Putting my kart on a diet as well. First time I’m hearing the KR stuff is so light. Will the KR sidepods bars just slot into an OTK. It would be nice if the sidepods spacing was standardized between brands, but I doubt it. Bumper should just bolt up since the knockback mounts appear to be standardized by CIK.

This may sound dumb but I used to put in videos of good drivers at tracks I know and would pretend drive along with them. Ya know, legs forwards, hands up, pretend driving.

Anyways, it’s pretty instructive because you’ll want to do your inputs when you think it’s right and you compare that to what the faster guy is doing.


I am answering my own question. At least comparing homologation documents, the M10 OTK, KG 507, and Parolin Dynamica are all within 50g. Also, the sidepod spacing appears to be somewhat standard at 500mm on center.

Edit: The M6 bodywork is heavy! M6: 2050g (4.5lbs) vs M10: 1670g (3.6lbs). Total saving of 760g (1.7lbs). Guess who is buying sidepods this week.

Final Edit: Noses M6, M10, KG, Parolin all are within 150g. Interestingly enough the homologation documents do not list the weights of the fairings. Does anyone have a handful laying around they want to weigh?

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Hmmm, where did you hear about such dumb stuff? :wink:

Was that you? Hehe… :crazy_face:

Where else can you find such bizarre advice? :rofl:

For aero fairings the dynamica is the lightest. M10 side pods don’t fit m6 bars.

The weight savings is bars/plastic combo.

M10 bumper is lighters but different enough graphics won’t fit from 6.

Hotdog is heaviest fairing by far.

I don’t know if it helped me, but I had a 45min video of onboards from David Fore, Gary Carlton etc that I would watch while I worked out on the treadmill :smiley:

Gives me a idea for tonight. I started treadmill last night since I have 6 hr coming up. Maybe I’ll inspire my running to the sound of kart chaser episode.

Yeah i got them the week before i went on veccation i will get a new set when i come back🙂

No video unfortunatly. But i think there is some time in the max out corner on to the big straight i cant really hold max the whole turn coach says its that the kart slides on rear to mutch