GoPro alternatives

I have had multiple issues with my GoPro this year. We started with a 7 black, but kept having card and battery issues. We upgraded to the 10 black, and it has been worse. The camera stops recording after a few seconds to a few minutes. I’ve been told its anything from overheating to too much vibration. We have used the Odenthal mount for some time. I have now ordered the new odenthal anti-vibration device in hopes that it helps.

Assuming it doesn’t, what other action cameras are people using with success?

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I use a cambox v4 pro plugged to a powerbank

vlc-record-2021-10-24-20h31m20s-CMBX0009.MOV- My footage with it

I have to replace my GoPro 10 batteries every session. It overheats massively, it’s extremely disappointing. I ended up buying Artman Hero 10/9 Battery 3-Pack…

So I don’t have to keep charging the same battery.

I’ve never been a fan of gopro but it feels as though they have a monopoly on the market.

We aren’t allowed to have the camera on our body. Must be attached to the kart, which is the cause of the vibration issue.

Haven’t had a chance to upgrade to newer GoPro models but am surprised to hear of your troubles with the odenthal gopro mount, (was looking to get that soon with better GoPros) I used to run a 7 Silver on a Ram mount and had zero camera issues until the mount snapped and I never found the camera. I picked up a Go Pro Hero Session on fb marketplace and it’s been pretty solid tbh. I just have a pkt mount on the fairing definitely gets the job done even with the vibration

video from last race with the Hero session. Can’t do the overlays with this camera is my only gripe!

Aaargh I feel your pain. Lost half my footage to the Gopro random shutoff weirdness.

I use an Akaso v50 elite and am reasonably happy with it so far. had it installed with a glued mount to the front panel (a bit in front of the steering wheel). worked fine. I use a corsaro pro data logger, with freeware software video overlay works okay.
don’t have/know GoPro, so cannot compare.
tried mounting it on the radiator, but glue is/was not strong enough. will try some other options to mount (seat strut or similar soon).

DJI is a well known brand:


They have revisited this format and reintroduced the small one in the 11 as well. I think it has vibration reduction now.

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If you look at the Chinese no name ones:

Not a fabulous sign when they sell a cooling module:

I used a hero 7 mounted on faring which was VERY wobbly but the hero 7 shake reduction was good:

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Yes you can! (If you have mychron). You can import the mychron data file into racerender and use gauges. Sessions (old ones) don’t have telemetry.

I have 2 hero 9 and a 7.

I brought the cameras to the race and Elias and Andre also filmed.

Andres hero 7 footage was fine. We got all of it. I took the new hero 9 and experienced the dropped footage that everyone is talking about. My older 9 doesn’t have the issue.

This overheating issue seems to have started with the 10. But my new 9 is also acting funny.

Gopro is kind of a mess.I am losing confidence in their product which is a huge deal. We do not have the mental bandwidth on track to also worry about footage.

Gotcha that’s cool. I have the Alfano 6 I’m sure there is something similar

Yeah. The alfano also produces a data file. On mychron you connect wirelessly to download.

Read good things about the Hero 9 and picked one up used this year. So far I really like it and had no issues. This said my last ones were Hero 4. I am curious what cheap amazon models do well for alternate views that isn’t the primary shot you are trying to get.

You could try one of the inexpensive ones as a rear facing camera and see what happens.

6. Akaso Brave 7 LE

Bout one fiddy

We are shooting 50/50 on my hero 9s. One good one questionable.

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I have not had any issues with my Hero 10, Enduro Batteries and a Ram mount on the left seat strut. One thing I would recommend is to mount it with a quick release GoPro buckle so you can remove it off the kart in between sessions. When I left it on the kart in the sun, the GoPro had some overheating issues. But, now that it doesnt just sit baking in the sub before a session, it is good to go.

The way I do this is to get the size B Ram ball with the 1/4" bolt and then a tripod to GoPro mount adapter. Use permanent locktite and screw it together. That allows me to keep a short GoPro buckle on the camera and quickly slide it on and remove it.

The issue I have with pretty much every other camera option on the market is that the vibration reduction is terrible compared to GoPro. I get sick watching shaky footage from off brand cameras and cameras like the Cambox.

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Osmo 3 is pretty small: