GoPro chin mount and endurance race advice

I was wondering what removable chin mounts people recommend for my upcoming race. There’s a $14 one on Amazon but I’m not sure I would trust it unless someone else has tried it.
Also any advice for an endurance race in rental karts would be great, I don’t have any specific questions but anything helps

Once it’s got the 3m VHB tape on it I think it would be fine.

I’ve only done indoor enduros, and they were pretty rough. No place to rest. If your enduro is outdoor, I imagine it’s not quite as tight and turny, so fatigue may not be as much an issue as indoor. Other than that, if you have helmet comms, try to use them.

I think Alec (race director of TKC) has been using a chin mounted session. His footage is good.

Just trying to see what chin mount to get.

Anyone have experience with this one?

Worst case scenario I bring a bag of mounting stickies and we put it in the kart.

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to be honest, i don’t see a point in buying one I simply attached a sticky mount and let it sit for a few days and it worked like a charm

I just would want to take it off afterwards

you can always get a flat-head screwdriver and pry it out that’s what I did and it didn’t leave a mark if you do it right.

I have my GoPro mounted on the front of my helmet. The only piece I could find that allowed me to do this was from a website called AGHB - Motorcycle Helmet Front Chin Mount For Gopro Cameras

While a little pricy for what it is, I have been please with the product.

I have the supplied GoPro tether fished through an air vent and then under the GoPro mount so it is somewhat secure if something broke or the adhesive clip failed.

I don’t think the pic loaded properly


I’ve had the same GoPro curved mount on my helmet for almost ten years. Used it in rain, shine and ice starting with the original GoPro to the 8 most recently.

@tjkoyen how easy is it to take off a 3m adhesive? Especially without damaging the helmet?

I’m concerned about the rigidity and ability to stay on of the strap one

On a plain helmet you can get the 3M off. I would be a little more wary if the helmet was painted.

It’s plain.
So at this point it’s which sticky mounted thing I should use. I just don’t trust the strap one

Heating the mount gently with a hairdryer can help with removal.

Wellp they work. Many use them. It’s a cool angle, too.

I’d approach helmet mount as a “permanent” solution. Once the Gopro sticky goes on it, it’s a keeper.

I guess with enough elbow grease, hairdryer and persistence, you could get it off.

But why? Aren’t you planning to race karts for the rest of your natural life?

Good point… I guess I’ll go with the strap and if that’s not amazing I’ll also bring a curved mount

I have a bag of mounts

As in the sticky part or the whole set up?
I’d need the whole set up because I’ve used/given away all of mine