GoPro editing help

I want to make a compilation of my highlights and lowlights this year, and I was wondering what editing software you folks recommend. Free would be ideal. Im on windows

Hitfilm is a powerful and free editor,

Probably too powerful for simple stuff.

What about the windows editor? Isn’t there a basic movie thing?

@Bobby what do you use to edit your kart vids?

If you just want to do one vid and it’s not gonna take like months, download adobe creative cloud free trial. Do your vid in Premier then cancel it.

Just google creative cloud free trial you’ll get the link

Da Vinci Resolve is what I use. As good as paid software

I was using hitfilm express for my video editing. There is a lot to learn, but is pretty powerful for a free video editor.
That being said, when my computer crashed I was able to do a pretty good job just on iMovie on my iPhone.

I do like hitfilm but the workflow is a bit pro. Great control but has a learning curve.

That being said, tons and tons of tutorials etc.

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