GoPro Footage Daytona Manchester

Hi all,

Wanted to share my GoPro footage of my race last night at Daytona Manchester, UK.
This is the first time I have been able to watch a race of mine back.
Look forward to any tips or feedback.



Hard to say if it’s right or wrong because indoor karts on shiny pavement tend to require a bit different technique, but it looks like you’re pretty aggressively flicking the wheel into the tighter corners, resulting in oversteer almost immediately at turn-in. You can see and hear it pretty clearly.

Might be worth trying to slow down your inputs in those corners just to see if you can roll through the corner with less sliding.

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Hi TJ,

That’s how I was driving. But I seemed to be very slow on the exit because the rear just slid for longer. Yesterday I tried the flick style and I took 4 tenths off my PB.
Like you said it could just be surface and kart though.


The question I’d ask though, is how fast is your PB compared to the fastest guys at the track?

My lap: 33.377
Fastest lap: 32.740
Difference: +0.637

I’ve always found with the indoor karts that you want to flick them into the hairpins, they are too heavy with not enough grip to get the rear wheel in the air as you would a competition kart. Plus the lack of grip means you are unlikely to “bog” off the corner.

I tend to not concern myself too much with overall laptime at hire kart circuits, theres too may variables that are out of my control. The air temperature makes a big difference on those engines as does weight and what state the tires are in. Non of which you necessarily know.

I worked at three sisters kart circuit in my teens and they had one kart with a bigger engine, looked the same accept it had an extra cooling fin (Honda GX something).

I will say this though, you look more then ready to try outdoor karting (i thought i read somewhere you do D-Max). You are smooth when you need to be, aggressive when you need to be. Couple of things I would try if money is the constraining factor, club 100 or if you are at university definitely get involved in BUKC (club 100 against other universities and cheaper, sometimes subsidised by your university).

Hi Nik,

Funny you should say that:



I haven’t done Club 100 before. I shall take a look at it. Thanks for that!

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