GoPro footage of electric kart vs shifters

Really fun test session at the Atlanta Motorsports Park in Dawsonville, GA. Video and driving credit to Adam Phillips. We were able to run against some shifter karts on one of the toughest tracks in the country. Can’t quite compete with shifters yet but we are trying as hard as we can. We love AMP because it allows us to push the electric kart to the limit. Keep in mind that the kart weighs 305 lbs without a driver so it’s difficult to control around the turns. Adam somehow makes it happen. Our goal is a 52-second lap time and we will be back at AMP on October 15. Thanks for following our story.

Here is the link …


In sim with KZ at amp I believe we were running 54s (edit: wrong, more like 48s) laps. 52s is quick. What are the shifters doing irl

The video almost seems like it doesn’t have sound at the beginning. So odd to not have idle noises.

The mass of the kart seems like t2 would be interesting. That’s an interesting corner from a braking perspective and the additional mass in downhill braking must be a challenge.

Also of note are the torque oversteer moments in 6/7 and final corner exit. Lotta torque/power on tap. It looks to me like it outperforms the shifters in gears 1-2ish from a get up and go perspective.

I appreciate the cowbell air intake.

I think the fast shifter guys are typically in the low-mid 49s range when conditions are good. X30 seniors are usually high 50/low 51s, and X30 masters is high 51/low 52s at the pointy end.

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Hmm. I misspoke. I went back and looked and my KZ time was 44.9. X30 was 47.7. That’s quite a bit off the actual times. I think I’ll pound some KZ laps tonight and pretend I’m in Gary’s e-kart.

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thanks. We really love this track. Super challenging. From what I’ve seen, shifter carts typically run about 49 to 51 seconds at AMP. working on ways to shift more of the drive train wait towards the front of the court to help with steering issues. Battery pack combined weighs 80 pounds and the electric motor is about 50 pounds. Should be able to move those forward a few inches. Also looking for ways to trim as much weight as possible. Only so many things can be eliminated :slight_smile:

really appreciate all the good comments. You guys are awesome.

Look fast however it does not do it for me. (No offense) The sound and smell of a that 2 stroke is just bad ass.